Sirach 32:3-6

3 Speak, thou that art the elder, for it becometh thee, but with sound judgment; and hinder not musick. 4 Pour not out words where there is a musician, and shew not forth wisdom out of time. 5 A concert of musick in a banquet of wine is as a signet of carbuncle set in gold. 6 As a signet of an emerald set in a work of gold, so is the melody of musick with pleasant wine.

-The King James Version Apocrypha

Photo By Kathryn Orr
Who is Sean Orr?

A. Sean is a fiddler/singer and seventh generation Texan who fronts "Texas Gold" specializing in Texas style Country music including but not limited to: Texas/Western Swing, Honky Tonk, Cajun and Old Time Fiddle Tunes.
B. Sean is a fiddler/singer who fronts two different "Celtic Bands". They are fiddle and percussion driven powerhouses
C. Sean is a journeyman fiddler who can adapt to just about any setting including all the above plus Jazz, World (Middle Eastern, Gypsy, Latin) Americana, Rock, Pop, Heavy Metal, Etc.
D. A novice bodhran and oud player.