I have yet to trace my family beyond East Texas so I don't know for certain that I have Scottish or Irish heritage. The images below may or may not be part of my family history. The Orr's were probably escaped convicts running from certain capital punishment. The name has probably been changed several times to protect the guilty. It has also been asserted that the Orr's are a lost line of Royal Blood just waiting to reclaim the Throne. (Yeah, right) My belief is that the Orr's were spontaneously generated from the hollowed hills of the piney woods of East Texas.
Here is picture of my Great, Great Grandfather and Mother. Orville Orr and Lucindy Shelton. The Orrs were spontaneously generated in Upshure County Texas. My kids think I'm mean but that is a face that looks like he has whooped many of youngen' behind the woodshed. Nice goatee Great, Great Grandpa! I have gotten a few e-mails from individuals doubting that the pictures below are of my ancestors. Please rest assured, these are my ancestors.
Here is a picture of my Great Grandfather, Charles Orr. He was also a resident of Upshure County, Texas. When I was young my Dad always gave me grief about my ears. He would say, "Here comes that boy with those size 10 ears." Now I see where I got them from. Nice ears Great Grandpa. Click on the photo for a younger picture of him.
Now here is a real cowboy? This is my Grandfather Rudolf Orr circa 1930-35?. No matter how far into Hard Rock and Heavy Metal I got into I always had some inner urge to dress like a Cowboy. Now I know it is genetic. Nice Outfit Granddad!
Here is a picture of my dad back when he was doing secret work for the French Government. I was told he taught Inspector Clouseau everything he knew.
Here I am circa 1982 wearing my Urban Cowboy reject hat In beautiful Bremond TX. The guitar I'm playing was a Les Paul Custom. It was my first really good guitar. It got stolen shortly after this picture was taken. I think I cried. I would love to have that guitar back.
There was a law passed making it illegal for me to reproduce. Thus, these kids are in hiding at a remote location. Who knows what devious feats the future holds for my progeny?
Here is my son being interrogated by Governor Rick Perry. Where's your fugitive fiddlen' father??!!