If you ever hear this from anyone, especially from any one with authority, you can rest assured you are looking at a lazy person. When I first heard this, it took me all of about thirty seconds to prove this assertion wrong upon my arrival home. I just popped open the trusty dictionary. One must remember that English is an evolved language that has it roots in other languages. Thus, many of the words we speak evolved from other words and most words have a history that go back to Germanic, Gaelic, French, Latin, or Greek. Fundamentalists never call their church officials "priest" but Traditional Christians should not be faulted because we do. The history of the modern English word "priest" is that it evolved from the middle English word pre(e)st, which evolved from the old English preost, which evolved from the vulgar Latin prester, from the Latin presbyter, which came from the Greek presbuteros. (AHD) Which is translated "elder" in the New Testament. So a priest is simply an elder. No heresy here. The word-translated priest in the Scriptures is "kohen" in Hebrew and "hiereus or archiereus" in the Greek. In the New Testament Church, there is a Priesthood (hierateuma) of all believers but this should not be confused with the ordained Priesthood or Eldership. There are no English equivalents to the Greek words used for "priest", so the first translators used what word had. Remember my B.S.H.# 2 scripture is inspired, translations are not.