We are a privileged country where if I get the gumption to, I can ordain myself a preacher, rent myself some space in a disused shopping center and start a church. Iím free to say whatever I want to and nobody has to come and listen to me if they donít want to. It is not the same in other areas of our planet. America has a more diverse collection of sects than anywhere I have ever been. Passion for religion and faithful belief are some of the ingredients that have made our country strong. I think our country is better off with full sanctuaries of all the groups I have chastised in this book. If it had not been for the diverse passionate beliefs that I was exposed to, I would not have studied scripture as much as I have. In many ways I am indebted to my alleged adversaries. It is my prayer that if this book lands into the hands of anybody that has had similar experiences as I have, it will bring them comfort. Likewise, if this book lands in the hands of one who would disagree with me, I pray that it will open his mind. If there are any burning questions I have not addressed, please contact me via the publisher. Keep in mind that I am addressing mainline denominations and not tiny sects or cults. If able, I will address you personally and if important enough, I can include it in future editions of this book.

God bless yíall

Sean Orr